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Already Premium Users - No Offers?

Already Premium Users - No Offers?

I was at a friends and he has Spotify Free and an advert comes on advertising that you can get Spotify for 3 Months Premium for 99p


Now, I've been paying for Spotify for many years, I've never complained about this, I've never had an issue with this. However, what I feel is unfair is that new users are getting tons of offers such as '3 Months for 99p' now I spend over £100 P/Year on Spotify since 2009 at £9.99 that's £599.40 (Estimate) I've forked out on Music in 6 Years!


What I don't feel is fair for existing and more older users is that I've not once had an office of 'Hey, have a free month on us for being a loyle customer'


I feel it's a bit of a kick in the teeth that I've not once had an offer but free users are being given lots of offers.



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No solution there or a reponse from a staff member.




(I meant to show you, that you're not alone with this)

think most premium users are feeling the same way... 


in fact i just pulled the plug on my subscription seeing how I'm effectively 'subsidising' new users without any incentives. 

Can you not just cancel your subscription and then take up the 3 month offer?

doesnt work... says i'm not eligible...

Couldn't agree more, now what's bothering me is that no Spotify Staff are even bothering responding with a response yet responding to other Forum Posts!

Pleased to see others raising this issue.


I have just cancelled my Premium Subscription after many years of support of Spotify.

I would even recommend Spotify to friends etc over the years, not now.


Very disappointed with Spotify's attitude/approach to long term existing customers.

Yet still no response from any Spotfiy Staff, come on at least give a reason for it! Even if you gave premium users a month free each a year and scatter it across the year.

A month free is better than a kick in the teeth for long time users!

Pisses me off the most to see all the posts from new users getting free premium yet no response to actual paying users, I bet 80% of those 3 Month users will never pay after 3 Months, 15% will pay for a month because they've forgotten to cancel leaving you 5% of new users.

Hello everyone, 


Sorry for the delay here.


We're very sad to see that some of you guys have chosen to leave Spotify - we hope you'll be back soon. 


We've taken a look at your comments and have passed your feedback about having offers available to older users onto the right people. 


How about an offer for long term premium subscribers? Along the lines of "as a thank you for your continued loyal custom we have decided to make the next 3 months completely free". 


Its just a kick in the teeth to see that you are prepared to offer your service for 99p for everyone else. Think about your brand and do something a little bit more thoughtful towards customer loyalty and reward. 




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