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(Amazon Echo) Spotify music alarms won't work anymore

(Amazon Echo) Spotify music alarms won't work anymore

Hi! I've had a Second Generation Echo Plus for a year and a half and I could set an alarm with music coming from Spotify until about a month ago. Now, she will confirm that she has set the alarm to a certain song on Spotify but when morning comes I get the default alarm sound and no music.
It doesn't seem to be a Spotify account issue because I can play and ask songs during the day. However, I've tried re-linking the Spotify account but it didn't change a thing. I have also tried resetting the Echo Plus.
Weirdly, I don't see any discussion about this issue anywhere online and I'm a bit worried because this was one of my favorite features!
Let me know if you have ideas 🙂
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It's been a while since you posted this question. I wondered if it was solved.




Not at all, unfortunately. I feel like echo is coming up everyday with new problems (music or alarm-wise) and they are never getting addressed.



The problem is that it's not fully clear who is responsible for this problem, spotify, Amazon, device?


Not sure if this links helps:

Oh no doubt it's amazon because I've been having similar issues with the alarm/radio association.

Ok, did you ask for help in the Amazon community?

I did, and also left a feedback directly to amazon in the suggestions box in the app. Never got any replies. But that was a while ago, so feel free to try 🙂

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