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[Android][Your Music] Album Organization in "Liked Songs"

[Android][Your Music] Album Organization in "Liked Songs"

For most of the songs I had in my saved songs, they have been added in the correct order to my new "Liked Songs"; this not the case for full albums I've added. Now in my "Liked Songs", these albums are in some random order, which is very frustrating. Why is this? Additionally, when trying to add a new album to my "Liked Songs", I clicked the menu on the album page and selected "Like all songs", and the album was added again in a random order. Please fix this. All previous songs should be added in the right order, and all albums for which one selects "Like all songs" should be added in the proper order (like it used to be added to saved songs).

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Did you know you can set the order?

Just swipe down and an additional menu appears.




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