Ann strange account got intertwined with my account.

Ann strange account got intertwined with my account.

Hi there,

I have a strange problem with my Spotify account. I suddenly have a ghost account with a different name and age. This strange account seems to have intertwine it self with my real (paid-for) account.
(the ghost account is a free version)


For example, on my Spotify when I go to account info, the strange account get logged in, when I try to re-login  the ghost account gets login. Or, when I want to link my spotify to my Discord account the ghost account gets linkt.


The strange thing is, I just login just like I always have done. With my personal mail addes and the corresponding password that I never changed.

and there has nothing happend in weeks on this ghost account it looks like its ubandend by somboddy.


I wondring when I delete that ghost account my paid-for account does not get deletet aswel?

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Hi there @DennisQ

thanks for reaching out to the community !


From my understanding, two accounts cannot be logged into the same account and the same time but if you have any screenshots proving otherwise it'll help to guide you through the right steps.


Furthermore, i'm not sure what you mean by a ghost account however, it seems like your account might have been hacked.

In this case, i'd recommend starting with the steps provided here and here and to give your account 24-48 hrs for changes to apply.


Keep a close eye to see if this odd behavior is happening again and if so, feel free to reply back to the post and we'll continue with further steps.


Keep me posted 🙂


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