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[Announcement] Playlist service degraded

[Announcement] Playlist service degraded

Some folks are experiencing problems with their playlists.  Don't worry.  Your playlists will be back shortly.  


We're aware of the issue and working on a fix.  We'll update you as soon as we know more.  

11 Replies

my computer broke so i got a new computer and i logged into spotify ....and all the playlists i spent months building up are all gone. please help me 😞

Hi there, 
I subscribed to Spotify Premium today and tried to sync songs for offline mode on my phone. I created the playlists on my computer a couple of days ago, strangely they did not appear on my Iphone. I tried to delete and create a playlist on my phone but this time the computer does not get any playlists or songs. Can you help me to solve this problem?
Kev N  

Please help me. I'm a premium member.

Ill been using Spotify for  4 years or so and now when i couldnt sync my phone i reinstalled it thinking that the playlists will be saved since ive bought a new computer acouple of times, the playlist were still there. now everything is gone wtf ? Sort it.

After service on my computer I had to re-install Spotify.
All my playlists are gone????

But they are on my work computer, why???
I can´t get them on home PC but I have them on my work PC?!?!?!?

Can I get them back on my home PC???



Could someone pleeease have a look at this and try to get them back?

My username is soviro73




Same here, all my playlists and starred tracks are gone. I have reinstalled spotify but that shouldnt be a problem. My user name is 1110896838

I need help getting back my playlists.. i just did a Systemrecovery on my computer and when i installed spotify i saw that all my playlists are gone.. some one help me get them back please!



I have a similar problem, I am guessing that there is a problem with the service but the status page has not been updated.  My Android phone has all the playlists but a new install to a PC I just built today is not syncing, although I did notice that my starred tracks appear in the desktop application.


Anyone from Spotify able to investigate this?


Thanks in advance

Sorry about this guys.  Just an FYI, we updated the status about three hours ago.!/SpotifyStatus

The issue should now be resolved and your playlist should be restored.  Please let us know if that doesn't seem to be the case.

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