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Annual Subscription, is it possible?

Annual Subscription, is it possible?

Hello all,


I was wondering if there was a way to buy a annual premium membership subscription? I would rather pay for the entire year in one chunk than have 1 monthly payment. If there is a deal for doing that even better! But if not thats fine too. Does anyone know where I can do this?


Thanks in Advance.

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That link is to a “404” page - Spotify couldn’t find the page. The bottom line remains: Spotify offered an annual Premium subscription for $99 with no way to implement or pay for it. It’s bogus.



there's a typo in the link previous message.


BTW it works in different countries and shows localized offer (depends on the account's country).


I was struggling with exactly thesame. Offer on the app and no way to find out on the web and would have not found it without this thread....


I have the same problem, I live in Poland, I have a Premium monthly subscription and I received an email from Spotify inviting me to take part in yearly subscription promotion (year long subscription for the price of 10 months - I guess I'm entitled since I received such email). I received popup messages about this promotion in mobile apps too.


However when I click on the link in the email and logon to my account, I get a message that I'm not entitled to take part in this yearly subscription promotion. What's going on ?

Surprisingly, out of the blue, it worked fine today. I was able to pay once for entire year for the price of 10 months.

I'm glad so many people have found this thread helpful after all these years haha. AND FINALLY Spotify allows annual subs. However it was too late for me as I converted to Google play music as of last year. It allows me to upload 20,000 of my MP3s from my computer that I can play on any device not just the computer the MP3s live on because they live in the cloud! Its about the same price as spotify but last year i got in early and grandfathered into a $8  plan. This also gives me youtube Red which allows me to play YT videos in the background even if I am not on the app, it also allows me to skip ads which is curcial for me. I cant watch ads now that I have this feature!


Overall I think the services are both great. Advantage for spotify is sharing playlist with friends and mot of my friends are on thats a downer but by going to Google I gained: uploading all my mp3s, and no ads on youtube.


Have a great day.

I wasn't aware of that Google Music's feature (ability to upload own files) but indeed sound interesting. I checked pricing and with monthly plan same price as Spotify. Maybe one day I'll switch to it. Anyway, according to private music collection, my Synology NAS allows me to acces msuic stored on it from everywhere.

I would do a trial. You might like it. Although your NAS lets you access the MP3s anywhere the advantage of having it in the app is you just open the app and access it via the cloud. no hurdles 

@mapleleaf wrote:
That link is to a “404” page - Spotify couldn’t find the page. The bottom line remains: Spotify offered an annual Premium subscription for $99 with no way to implement or pay for it. It’s bogus.

I've been receiving emails with LINKS for an annual, 1 year up-front membership.  I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME FIND HOW TO PAY FOR THIS feature.  

I feel that Spotify is playing GAMES with it's customers.  I'm in the tech industry, and feel frustrated and lost, looking in loops...

SPOTIFY, please Help me and many others!


Hey there,


Thanks for getting in touch with us and welcome to the Community!


Please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account here
  2. Head to this page
  3. Scroll down to 'Spotify Premium Yearly' > 'Get Premium'
  4. Enter payment details > click/tap on the 'Start My Spotify Premium' button

That should do the trick! Let us know how it goes.


Have a great day 🙂

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