Another person is using my account

Another person is using my account

My music keeps being interrupted and I just noticed that another person is also using my account. I actually think spotify have mixed our two accounts together because  all of the sudden it is a different birthdate when I check my account.


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change your password as a first step, check back if the problem still occurs. if yes, then hit up spotify. they can check out which devices are using your account.

Hello @erikaschytzer


Welcome to the Spotify Community!


Let's try to figure this out. Can you follow these steps for us?


  • Try going changing your account's password and information. Than sign out and back in.
  • Make sure the email you have linked to your Spotify account is the correct email.

Let us know how this goes. If the problem persists, feel free notify us again so we can get to the bottom of it! 


- Ferris

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