Another person's account information on my account


Another person's account information on my account








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A long time ago I signed up for a Spotify account, which I would occasionally listen to. One day I noticed someone else's account information in my account. It was still my email, but it had another user name, profile pic, and birth date (see attachment). It also has their playlists and THEIR credit card information. When this first happened, I signed out everywhere, changed my password, etc. but it still has that persons information attached to it. About a year later, I figured I'd try again, but it's the same issue and I've tried the same thing as I did before to correct it. This person still listens to it, because it shows as being logged on yesterday. I am wondering if somehow this persons account information got linked with mine. Is a way to unlink it? It's kind of odd that this person and I have a somewhat similar last name (hers is Fullerton, mine is Fuller).

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Hey @Raydurz, thanks for reaching out to the Community!

I’m sorry to hear about this! In this case, I’d recommend checking out this support article for the next steps to take. On that page, there is an option to get in touch with Customer Support if you need more help. 

To prevent this from happening in the future, there are many measures you can take to protect your account, such as resetting your password every few months, and not using passwords you have used on other sites. There is also a great guide here for some more measures on protecting your account.

If you see an email from Spotify, and can’t tell if it’s legit, use this checklist. Of course, Spotify makes sure that all user records and platforms are completely secure around the clock.

I hope this helps.

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