Another username change request

Another username change request


This is ridiculous, i am not a number. I'm certain i actually had a username at one point and it recently crapped itself. Please allow users to change or atleast request a username change, just look at this nonsense when i try to embed my spotify on facebook

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Hey, @axlegear -


The randomized username is just a way of Spotify to keep in track of user data, so you won't have to worry that much about it 🙂


Your real username(instead of the randomized username) should be visible to others, and also be able to search for your profile. If you want to make your Facebook username appear in Spotify, you can connect Facebook with Spotify.


Here are the instructions:


Thank you 🙂


but when i look for my username on another account it doesnt show up


Hey, @Pozole -


That's strange! You should be able to search/find your profile in Spotify.

I have a few questions for you:


  1. On what platform do you experience the issue? Does this happen on all devices?
  2. Can you try out a clean reinstall through here?


Tell me if it works 🙂


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