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App keeps suggesting music that I do not listen to; why?

App keeps suggesting music that I do not listen to; why?

Hi all! 

I have been a Spotify user for a long time; and I'm a diehard fan of the service. I'm also a premium member, and as such, I do enjoy creating, tweaking and just enjoy finding vibes with playlists. Yet sometimes, I just want to jump into a "radio station", and listen for something new and enjoyable for my tastes. 


I'm fairly picky about music; and what I do not understand is why Spotify "suggests" music that I absolutely detest. Seriously, it's almost as if someone in Spotify is playing a joke; the suggestions are that bad. I am a metal music nerd. But I also love blues. classical, and some ambient electronic. I absolutely DETEST pop music, DESTEST X10 Hip Hop, and disappointed in what Country has become. Yet, everything that makes me want to wretch shows up as suggestions. Why???


Not even kidding, it's like someone intentionally "suggests" music that is the polar opposite of what I listen to. And no, I do not get suggestions based upon the music that I actually individually choose. I pick my music, song by song; as opposed to by artist and by genre. So it's not like I'm lacking data for behavioral analytics alghorythms. Are those algorythm's set to choose S*it that I detest? 


And how can I make the sewage in my suggestion boxes stop? 

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Hey @brianoravetz, welcome to the Community!


Sorry to hear you haven't been digging the suggestions lately. The suggestions are based on your listening habits.


In this case, it'd be best if you try listening to your favorite tunes as often as possible so we can get to know you better.


Also, be sure to disable Private Session if you have it enabled.


Hope that helps 🙂

Hello Sergio, thanks for the response. 


Here's the thing. The suggestions have absolutely NOTHING to do with my listening habits. I abhor rap and pop music; yet that's what all of the suggestions are. I'm a very long time user of Spotify, and the suggestions have never, ever been accurate. Not even remotely close. 



I'm beginning to think that responses are not actually replied to with consideration to the question asked. 

My recommendations are NOT provided in accordance to the music that I listen to. The music suggestions are extremely far removed from the music that I listen to. I am a metal, hardcore, classical and punk fan. Yet my "recommendations" or "suggestions" are pop music and whatever it is that is passing for country music nowadays. 


A real response would be much appreciated as opposed the passing gesture I've been given thus far. 

Hey @brianoravetz.


That's odd. Does anyone else have access to your Spotify account? Also, have you noticed any unknown devices using your account?


Just to confirm, are these suggestions popping up on your personalized playlists (e.g. Discover Weekly, Daily Mix)?


We'll see what to suggest.

“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”
― Maria Augusta von Trapp

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