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Arbitration Process Failure

Arbitration Process Failure

Last month I filed an arbitration case against Spotify, because I have been unable to resolve a dispute related to a gift card. I followed all the instructions in Section 14 of Spotify's Terms & Conditions for Gift Cards, which you can read here:

Yesterday I received a letter from the American Arbitration Association stating that Spotify has failed to pay the required arbitration fees. The letter was sent to Spotify, and they sent a copy of the letter to me. I have attached a copy.

The letter says that if Spotify does not pay the fees, the American Arbitration Association will not accept any more arbitration cases, and Spotify will have to remove all references to the American Arbitration Association from their terms and conditions.

I paid the consumer filing fee. Now Spotify has to pay the business filing fees. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get Spotify to pay the fees that are due for this case?

Is there a section in the menu in my account that deals with arbitration fees? What am I missing here?

I expect this post to be deleted very soon by Spotify employees. Spotify does not want all their customers to know that they are a bunch of thugs who think the rules do not apply to them.

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Hmmm... no one has responded to this post. What a surprise!!


Spotify's formal dispute resolution process is extremely simple and very effective: They ignore all written communications from the customer, and then they ignore all written communications from the American Arbitration Association. Resolved!

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