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Are there still nagging facebook advertisements?

Are there still nagging facebook advertisements?

The Facebook requirement for login has apparently been removed. If I have a non-facebook user account, will I still get the nagging splash screens asking me to link to Facebook?


How about on my phone, will the mobile app still nag me to link my profile to Facebook?


I cancelled my premium subscription because I was tired of the Facebook integration. Now I'm wondering whether it's time to renew my subscriptiong again.

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If you create an account, I think you'll get a splash when you first log into the Spotify app. You can dismiss this. You shouldn't get anything further.


The best way to check is to find out for yourself. It's free to create a Spotify account. You can begin your subscription when you are satisfied.

Previously I didn't get the messages in the free version, but I did get them when I upgraded to premium. Naturally it seems silly to get the premium if I'm going to be given Facebook advertisements all the time as well.

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