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Are you limited to the amount of times you can listen to a song? (Because that's what it seems like)

Are you limited to the amount of times you can listen to a song? (Because that's what it seems like)

Our son plays (well, played...past tense) a power rangers megamix song (and a few others power rangers related) on our Spotify account a LOT. In the past week or so its no longer playing the song on app or our echo (or any other device we try from including webpage).

In the app it pops up a message saying the song is not available. (sometimes... other times it just doesnt do anything when you click on it. .. its not greyed out like it usually is if the song is no longer available.)


But. I have checked on my daughters account (complete separate account) and another account linked to my family account and both play the songs just fine.

Any ideas? I know it seems a bit silly and excessive to think that it is to do with being played too much, but that honestly is the only plausible explanation I can think of.


account is a family premium account. 


song examples. -







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Hey @thefunkygibbon


Welcome to the Community. I'm going to check this out with the right folks and I'll get back to you. It maybe that there could be a limit as you say but I’d need to do some more research in to this.



Speak soon,

Hey @thefunkygibbon!

Could you possibly send across a screenshot of what your seeing without any personal information and let me know is it all the songs in the albums you linked on specific ones?



Nothing to screenshot really. Yes its all songs I those 2 'albums'
When I click on any of the songs it just does nothing whatsoever. In any
If I search for said songs in the android app I just get a pop up message at
the bottom of the screen saying that "this song is not available" but that
is the only time I ever see that or any message.


any thoughts ?

Hey @thefunkygibbon!

I did leave a response yesterday but seems to not have actually posted. Is it possible you could screenshot the error just so the right folks this end can take a look a little deeper in to this, even thought it may sound basic it helps them check other elements that could be causing it.

Upon checking, could you also let me know 


Just to check did you used the same device when looking up the songs on your daughter's account?
Also could you try logging out > restating the device > logging back in to see if that fresh start will make a difference.


Finally are these songs that downloaded for offline listening? If they're not, do you have the option to do this (if your a premium subscriber)


Any updates and once you’ve given that ago I’ll feedback to the right folks for next steps on what we can do here 🙂


i thought i replied to you yesterday too... there really isn't anything to see mate. if i click or double click on any of the songs, literally nothing happens. I can't really screenshot that.

No worries, I’ll make sure the community team find out what’s happened there too!

I’ve just re-edited my post above, could you check the steps I’ve just added in too 🙂

no, the peoples devices which it worked on were logged in on their own devices.

I've tried to access the songs on about 8 devices now , including ones where i've never played the songs before on.   so i don't think it is to do with the device.  

they are all 'online'.



i've just tried again from my desktop app (windows) and i am getting a message at the top that i've not seen before on any other device.

"We can't play this until you allow this track in the spotify phone app."

no idea what it means or how exactly one is supposed to 'allow a track' though. it doesn't say anything in the app.   i've liked and followed the artist to see if that did anything and nope. 

ok i've no idea what is going on now but i can now play it on all devices.  i didn't do anything other than liking and following (and then unliking and unfollowing afterwards) then trying again in the web browser player..


i still want to know what happened and what the heck that message means and how one is supposed to resolve it though as it doesn't sound right at all. 



Glad to hear that you are back on track,


Reading your last replies, it sounds like you had hidden the song by the 🚫 button on the application. You can learn more about when you've accidentally hidden a song by checking out this Support Article here.




I'm afraid that wasn't the cause. I COULD see the songs listed, which if I
had hidden the song it wouldn't show at all ... and if I had the "show
hidden songs" option ticked the song would have been greyed out ... which
again, it wasn't.

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