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Artist Account opening not possible.

Artist Account opening not possible.

Hey there,

i want to create an artist account, but i cant find my account in the "find yourself" bar. Neither can i create it, when i use the profile link manually, as described, when the first way doesnt work. So i cant create it at all. I ticketed the support about this, but sadly, and im really disappointed at this, they just sent a small text with "maybe this can help you" and tryed to led me to the normal already answered stuff or the community.

So here i am. Im contracted now for a few weeks, and in case it gets a bit more serious with my music, i really want this artist profile.

A big thanks to everyone, that takes his time reading and answering this.

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Is your music already on Spotify? I don't think you can just create an artist account yourself, it is usually done by your label or aggregator. Then, once the artist page exists, you can claim it and get the artist access.



I was now able to claim it after my second song was uploaded.

Still thank you for your time 🙂


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