Artist/Album Radio option gone missing THAILAND Spotify


Artist/Album Radio option gone missing THAILAND Spotify

Casual Listener

Hi, all.

Have just noticed last few days that the play 'Artist/Album Radio' option has gone missing.  

I switched from Australian Spotify to Thai Spotify when it launched here a few weeks ago.  But pretty sure the radio option was still here initially.

Would be very disappointing if this option has been removed permanently.


Anyone else noticed this?

I'm on Mac and iOS ... 


Any advice welcome ...


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Same problem here. Windows Desktop app and Android app. Very annoying as, after getting through my weekly Release Radar, it seems to be the next best option for discovering new songs. Anyone have a solution? VPN?

Casual Listener

Bummer.  So it's not just me.  

For a workaround, I've been using the 'lazify' app which does a similar thing - but you have to press a lot more buttons and wait a few secs - rather than the fantabulous intstant gratification that the 'radio' function had ...

Why remove such a great function??