Artist with Same Artist Name


Artist with Same Artist Name


Hi everyone!


I'm a new artist who recently created a unique username, with an artist name that was already in use. When I submitted my music to the distributer, spotify placed my album and corresponding songs, with the artist name in use, instead of creating a new profile. Now my songs are on someone else's profile.


I have a couple of questions:

- Will spotify create a new profile page with my requested artist name?

- Will it matter that a different user has already chosen my requested artist name?

- If spotify does create a new profile, using the same artist name as the other user, for future releases, will spotify always place my songs in the other artist's page?


Thanks again in advance for your help!




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Hey @fernandomusicno,


Spotify’s working to make it easier for you to report problems with your music. For now, you’ll need to reach out to your distributor or aggregator and they’ll work with the Spotify team to make sure your profile gets fixed.

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