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Awkward Premium Member Expirence

Awkward Premium Member Expirence

Plan        : Premium

Country : HongKong

Device    : All platforms

OS           : Android/iOS/Mac


Let me tell you three sad sotyies:


1. I have been a premium member for a long time. About 3 month ago, I found that my Daily Mix 2 and Daily Mix 3 are gone, and the ONLY exist Daily Mix 1 is stucked with some songs in my lib, repeat them day after day. I tried everything I can find on the Internet and nothing helped. I was so upset with that, daily mix might be the only reaseon why I keep my premium. I canceled my premium and removed Spotify from all my devices.


2. I installed Spotify last night, again. Loged in my account as a free user. I found that everything is back, my Daily Mix 2 and Daily Mix3 are still there just like they never leave. New UI is sweet, and I love the new UX. I think I should give Spotify another shot, so I paied to be a premium member, again.


3. I woked up this morning, launched Spotify to start my day. However this app turned to be a shxt like the nightmare. Daily mix 1 with the same song, other mixs get lost, no new UI, no more daily mix, it just suxks like 3 month ago.




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Hi @user-removed Welcome to the Spotify Community!


Currently the new UI that you saw was only for non-premium users. In order to get that interface you would have to revert back to non-premium. I haven't heard anything about a future new interface for Premium Users, but its likely that there might be one in the future.


Now on your Daily Mix issue, i would recommend resyncing your Spotify data. What i mean by this is to log off from your account and relog back in. This will resync the information from their database. If your daily mix still hasn't shown up in your account within 48 hours, you should fill out a ticket with their support. Click here and it will take you to their support page.


Let me know how it goes!


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