[BUG] Bluetooth goes out of range, songs cycle infinitely.

[BUG] Bluetooth goes out of range, songs cycle infinitely.


Seems like a windows/spotify/bluetooth issue.

Found on the desktop app for windows 10.

Using Bose Soundlink 2 headphones with bluetooth.

To reproduce:

1. Play music via spotify through bluetooth.

2. Pause, go out of bluetooth range. Come back.

3. Click play on spotify.

4. Songs start trying to play, seemingly are unable, skips to the next one, can't play, and this cycle loops over and over again.

5. Although this is probably due to the headphones not being re-connected via bluetooth since i came back in range, this should probably be handled more gracefully. 

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Hey @acaputo, welcome to the community!


In this case, you'll need to pair the Bluetooth headset to your phone again and re-launch the Spotify app to continue where you left of.


I agree it should be handled better, and will gladly pass your feedback on to the right team.


All the best.

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