Back on free version?


Back on free version?


HI everyone!


I have been using Spotify for quite a while now and paid the full amount every month (9,99 euros) to get rid of all the stuff I don´t need for example all the advertisements.

Now Spotify is telling me that Im using the free version where access is limited to 30 minutes per month. Whenever this period of time is up spotify shuts itself down and access is no longer avalable.

I would really like to solve this problem as fast as possible and asking for your help!


Thank you!

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Re: Hello Germany. Spotify here.

Music Fan

My guess would be that you signed in with Facebook Account Details which created a new account, instead of logging in with your Spotify details - this has happened to me before as well. (Or perhaps the other way around?)

Try logging out and logging back in with your Spotify account information if that's the case.


Re: Hello Germany. Spotify here.


It looks like there was a problem taking your payment this month so your account has reverted back to free. See here for some things to check.


And I've moved your post over to this forum where it belongs. You should get better assistance here.

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