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Bait and switch

Bait and switch

I downloaded the app on my iPad after seeing that a friend of mine on Facebook uses it. Then after attempting to login and failing I finally use the Facebook login. Now I'm notified that I have a 48 hour trial. I thought this app was free. I'm disappointed. I bought my wife a premium account but I'm thinking of canceling it because I think you guys are not playing fair. I don't like having been played with by downloading your free app and then later being told it's only for a 48 hour trial. I only downloaded it so that I could understand better what she sees in your program.  Frankly, I don't see anything good about it and have deleted it from my iPad.

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It is free on a computer, but mobile devices require a premium account.


Sorry if we didn't make this a little clearer in the App Store description, we intend it to come across like that.

It should currently read as -

"Try Spotify Premium for free

If you haven’t tried Premium before, you can try it for 48-hours, completely free."
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So I just picked up a Sonos and set it up.  Added a few apps and decided to try spotify.  Got the 48 hour premium trial then received a text stating I could update my info and get a 30 day premium trial.  Followed the link and entered my card.  Everything seemed fine.  Then at 48 hours I was blocked from premium.  It said I had been a premium member in the past.  I did try downloading the app on facebook but it kept hanging up so I gave up.  I haven't been a member otherwise.  Was wondering what I could do to set this up again. 

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