Bands in Town won't scan


Bands in Town won't scan






I've been trying to get the bands in town app to scan my spotify artists, every time i do I get a 403 forbidden error. When I look at the linked accounts page on the App there's  a yellow warning triangle next to the Spotify section.


I'm using a 6S and the OS, Spotify and Bands in Town apps are all up to date.


Does anyone have any idea of any settings I should change please as I can't seem to find anything!





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Re: Bands in Town won't scan


Hey @KD1981.


As this is a third party app, I suggest reaching out to its developers for more information about why it isn't populating as before.


However, the Spotify app also has a Concerts section that lists any upcoming events near your area. You can find all the info about this here.


All the best.

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