Because spotify won't answer! Worst website and customer service ever

Because spotify won't answer! Worst website and customer service ever

This is my third time contacting you guys and I have yet to hear a response. I am very disappointed in your service and all around customer service. Just let it be known that you will not have a good word with me. First of all, I applied several times to get the student discount. I spent a good 3 days trying to figure out why spotify wouldn't accept my college after it applied from the drop down bar. Then I realized the reason, SPOTIFY IS A BUNCH OF BULL **bleep**. I didn't give up right away so I filled out the form manually and also ended up applying several times. By several I mean literally almost ten. This is where I got super frustrated and disappointed. I sent every document I had on file. I sent you guys my acceptance letter to the college. I sent my schedule I sent my ID card. EVERYTHING. Then I took the risk and sent my recipt for my college tuition. And let me tell you, that was the most uncomfortable thing I've done. I don't understand why a music company needs to see all my personal information to prove that I'm in college. I almost felt like I was exposing myself for sending it. You might not understand but if you were in my shoes you wouldn't feel comfortable sharing personal information with a team of complete strangers. However after 5 mins spotify gave me confirmation. It was a relief but a feeling of disgust when I realized it took me almost 7 days to prove to a company that I actually am a college student. So I proceed to the next step and go to sign up. Put in my credit card info and press the button. Uh oh here's another problem with the darn website. Sorry looks like you bank isn't being nice right now. Use another source of payment. This source will NOT BE CHARGED! WELL IM SORRY, I'm a college student who only has one card, what shall I do now. I've tried it every day for the last 3 days. No hope. Then to put the cherry on top of all this stupid commotion, spotify charges me twice for nothing. TWO outgoing payment of 4.99 TO SPOTIFY WHO REFUSES TO "take my card". How weird. I can't get a premium membership on a college discount but I can be charged twice for no reason. BECAUSE MONEY GROWS ON TREES FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS. so I'm sure after reading this you can see my issue with spotify. I'm throwing my money at you, but your refusing to help me. Take a look at me account. Fix your darn problems and help your customers if you really want to keep your job. Thank you
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Because spotify won't help me. Figured I'd let out my frustration on here. If your a new member do not invest your money is a scam


Hey @user-removed!


I'm really sorry to hear about this.


We've taken on board all your comments, and passed them onto our email team.


Rest assured, someone will be in touch with you over email shortly.

We'd encourage you to stay in touch with them, as they're the right folks to help you out with this.


If you have any issues in the future, feel free to post in the Community. We'd love to help out.



I have the same issue have they helped you?

I've been asking for help because I was charged 4 times for Spotify by mistake and my account is negative and nobody will answer me.. I have to pay for going in negative in my account because of Spotify and the customer service is so bad that nobody can spend one minute just fixing the mistake. Ashame to see This type of service from a good company.

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