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Been charged twice for 3 years already...desperate help!

Been charged twice for 3 years already...desperate help!

I started SPOTIFY with an account at hotmail :****** and this account got compromised so I closed my hotmail account.  


I opened another account with SPOTIFY but with this email  ******** and when I went to close the SPOTIFY account with hotmail I was not able to log in because I did not remember the password so I ended paying for 2 accounts each month for 3 years.  I sent an email to SPOTIFY a long time ago and they send me several emails but i was not able to solve the problem.  I am a very busy person and do not have time to be going back and forth with this.  I have been paying $18/month for one account for 3 years and I really do not think this is fair at all.  I am using the same American Express since then and tried telling Amex to cancel one charge but they cannot do that unless I cancel the account myself.  I would hate to cancel the account so I am desperate need for help here.

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Hi @jp2k1962!


We'd like to take a closer look into this. Can you send us your account's email address and username through one of our support channels?


You can contact us via Twitter here, through Facebook here, or if you prefer sending us an email, you can get in touch here.


We'll be waiting for your message.

Thank you for your prompt respond and willingness to help me out.

The first account I opened:


USERNAME: not sure but I think it was jp2k1962

This is the account I had to close because it was compromised

The second account I have now is:


USERNAME: jp2k1962

I have been using the same AMEX credit card on both accounts for all these years, please help me with this because I would hate to have to close my account.

Your help will be greatly appreciated

My problem has not been solved, I do not know what else to do, I am paying twice for one account.  Like I said before I used to have a yahoo email account that got hacked and I had to close it :  After I closed it I was no longer able to get into this account and I wanted to continue using spotify so I opened another account with another email account: and I have been using this one since then but paying twice a month with my Amex credit card.  I am getting charged for two accounts when I only use one.  I need you to close accoun jp2k1962@yahoo. com and leave me with

Please help me here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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