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Being charge while having a free account. Money stolen!!!

Being charge while having a free account. Money stolen!!!

So I haven't use Spotify in a while. It shows I have a free account BUT I WAS JUST CHARGED $10 and the site doesn't make it easy to find out how to get a refund. If i have a free account. How in the world did o get charged. Spotify. You really just stole my money and I would like it back right away.
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If your subscriptions page shows you as being on free that probably means you've got a second account that you subscribed to. Did you create a different account with facebook for example? Try logging in with an email instead and check your susbcriptions page from there.


If you would like a refund for the payment you made, you can submit an online contact form; and someone at Spotify can take a look to see what they can do.
Once you get an automated reply; make sure to reply to it directly (even if it's from a no reply); and it will be sent to the Spotify staff.



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No this didn't work. And I got nothing and I got nowhere in the Help section. One thing that sucks now is again. I've been charged $10 for premium and I still don't have premium let alone approved for it. So now. SPOTIFY HAS STOLEN $20 from and I'm now going to seek legal action cause there's no where where I'm allowed to remove my card they are using from my PlayStation account.

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