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Being charged twice on my account

Being charged twice on my account

I was charged two payments of $9.99 on 1/28/17, please help me fix this mistake

or else i will terminate my subscripition with spotify. My Username is wukong777

Charged twice.jpg
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Hey thanks for coming to the Spotify Community. I'm sure we can help figure out what's happened here. 


I noticed both payments came out of your account on the same day. You probably just hit the upgrade button more than once (and both payments were credited to your account). You can double check this by going to your Subscription Page and confirming your next payment date is more than 1 month away. You can also cancel one of the payment dates since you clicked it twice. If none of this wroks please go to the contact form and the staff will be able to help you out. Have a great day!



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I cant log into my account and none of your hyperlinks are working... The minute i sent this message someone in Spotify closed my account and i didnt want to cancell my account all i wanted was my $9.99 cent back. I would go back to subscription and change it but i cant log on... As someone in the military i love my music and when cr@p like this happens where im being double charged is driving my patience over the edge. My username is wukong777 and i cant log into my account. help me fix this problem so i can continue to listen to music.

So sorry about the hyperlinks. Please go to this link and one of the agents will get in touch with you as soon as possible and try to help with your refund and get your music wroking. Thank you for your service, sorry about the wait, and have a great day!

If this helped please click accept solution, give a like/ kudos, and follow me! Have a fabtastic day!

Is there a way that i can recover my account back which has all my music? or do i need to start a new account...... Also i can log into my account but after 2 sec i get kicked out. 

i also am charged twice. i hate that you can't get a hold of a real person to fix this problem either. please fix and credit my account the extra 10.00 you took


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