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Better user experience for family premium registration

Better user experience for family premium registration

check this user experience my wife just had with the premium family plan invite she received from me. I guess you'll like to improve this.
She received the link, clicked on it and was asked if she lived in the same house as a number id
not my name, just a bunch of numbers
such as 123431445
then on the last "confirm" button she was impatient because our internet is not working well lately, she clicked the confirm button twice somehow
she was then told she could not join the family plan because she was already in a family plan
we got confused
went to
first thing that pops up is an ad to buy family premium
in the configurations we found that the plan had been successfully linked to her account
end of story
hope that story can help make the experience better. Simply by disabling the confirm button after she clicked it for the first time would help a lot
or maybe not telling the user they could not join the plan they just joined by checking if the id of the plan is the same or something
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