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Billed by spotify although I never signed up!

Billed by spotify although I never signed up!

I never signed up for spotify and suddenly my credit card has been billed 2 months in a row!
Can someone from spotify please help me sort this out ASAP!
I only have a payment reference number to go by and I'd prefer not to make this public on Facebook but I can't seem to find any way of contacting you guys directly and confidentially???
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Hey there @Dezza90, welcome to the community!


That's not good. Are you sure you don't have a Spotify account? If the username on the receipt you got is a 10-digit number, sign in using your Facebook details.


However, if that's not the case, and you can't find your account you can get in touch with Spotify staff directly on social media (Twitter or Facebook) or by using the contact form. A direct message will work if you don't wish to leave a comment publicly, don't worry! Make sure also, if you use the latter, to reply to the automated email you'll receive directing you back to the help pages, even if it's from a no-reply!


Support usually gets back within a day or two.


Hope this was helpful!



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