Birthday is incorrect on Spotify. Correct on Facebook.


Birthday is incorrect on Spotify. Correct on Facebook.


Created my Spotify account using Facebook. My birthday on Facebook is correct (and always has been, I've never edited it), but my birthday on Spotify is completely incorrect (day, month, year, all wrong).


I can't edit it either. How can I fix this?


Additionally, on my profile I have no postal code, and I don't see a way of adding an address. I was planning on getting the family subscription. What address will it use?

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Re: Birthday is incorrect on Spotify. Correct on Facebook.


Hey @wej78w-p_qq67, welcome to the community!


Just to confirm, is your date of birth set as public or private on Facebook? This could've caused this issue.


Let's try making the date of birth public and head to your Facebook Settings > App, and remove Spotify from it. Once it's removed, head to the Spotify app and click the blue "Log in with Facebook" button, you should have a pop-up to authorize Spotify again.


About the ZIP/postal code, you can just log in here and click "Edit Profile" to modify this info.


When you get the Premium for Family plan, you'll be asked to enter your address as soon as you send the first invite to your Family member, so this information is different than the ZIP/postal code you enter on your profile.



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