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Bought Premium Cant Find Account ?!?!"??!?!?

Bought Premium Cant Find Account ?!?!"??!?!?

I just bought Premium and now i cant find my Account, It said the name was Nimijin on the phone but when i tried to log in on the pc it said that there is no account with the name Nimijin, what kind **bleep** is that ? On top of that now im logged out on spotify on my phone and now i have **bleep**ing wasted money and cant cancel the subscription that i cant even **bleep**ing use in the **bleep**ing first place.........faw.aweg.FAW:;:FGQW

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LMAOOOOO randomly found the account by using an email that i almost forgot, WHY THE **bleep** DOES IT SAY THAT MY USERNAME IS h4k1ugfngtgo9jcws8lfg529n, when on the phone it says Nimijin......Interesting.........

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