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Buy Spotify As Gift

Buy Spotify As Gift

Last year I bought four premium Spofity codes online and gave them as gifts.  Three of the four users loved the service and are now subscribed on their own.  I was trying to do the same for friends this Christmas but it seems like that option is no longer available.  Why would Spotify remove such an option?  I think it's an extremely poor business decision to not allow online purchases.  Only option I see is to go out and purchase gift cards at a local store, which I attempted but none of the stores I visited actually carry Spotify gift cards (although your website states they do).  Can Spotify do it self a favour and bring back online purchases that can be gifted?

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Hey there! 


We didn´t remove the option of buying E-cards. Just head over to if you´d like to get one later on. Let us know how it goes. 


Keep on dancing 🙂

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