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Can I make a spotify login after I bought spotify premium?

Can I make a spotify login after I bought spotify premium?

Hello Spotify users.

I have bought spotify for a long time now, and I always thought I had both a facebook login and a spotify login to my spotify. The reason I thought that was because on Computer it allows you to judt type one of them in the same marked spot. Since I change my facebook password some days ago, I just found out that I only got the facebook login to my spotify.


My mobile broke yesterday, so I borrowed my sisters phone, since she is going on vacation for a long time and brings another phone. I installed spotify on the phone, but I dont want to connect to spotify trough my facebook login. Now my question is:


Is it possible for me to make a spotify username+password for my already owned spotify and use instead of my facebook login? Or is it too late, so I can only have my spotify attached to my facebook login?




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It's too late. If you sign up with Facebook, you can never have separate Spotify details.


The only way to get separate login details is to cancel your FB-made premium and make a new account with email. You can also connect the new separate spotify account to Facebook safely if you want the social features - it can be disconnected at any time.

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