Can I use the same credit/debit card for two different accounts?

Can I use the same credit/debit card for two different accounts?


Long story short, my friend who wants to try premium with the 3 month offer doesn't have a way to pay and I'm wondering if I could use my card which is linked to my own account, to pay for the 0.99 3 month introductory offer. I've seen conflicting information on this forum as to whether it's possible or not so I was wondering if I could get a final answer on it - If I signed up for the 3 month offer on my own personal account, can I use that card to sign up for the 3 month offer on another person's account?

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I have the same problem, i pay the premium offer 0.99€ for 3 months, with the same, debit card is my partner, but the problem is, i pay 3 times, but spotify saying free. not premium...

Anyone have the solution of this? 

I follow the instructions for spotify help, but doesn't works....

Sorry for my bad English, i'm Spanish


Sorry to say but the answer is no. Since it's a offer and not a standard product, you cannot use the same card to pay for someone else if you've already taken part of the offer with that card.


You could try to get your friend connected with PayPal maybe? That would be the second option for him.


Then I would like to ask for a refund because just paid the fourth time , and that would have to indicate that you can not do with the same card, I lost 4 € in you wanting to have bid premium of 3 months.


Hola Amigo, I was replying to the user above you 🙂


Most probably, since the transaction wouldn't have been successful the money has not been taken from your account. Your bank normaly reserves the funds in case the transaction is complete. Please check that it's not a pending charge.


If you see that the money has been taken from your account, then get in touch with Spotify with this form and let them know what happened and I'm sure they will help you out.




Yes you can but like only for 3 accounts apparently because right now Spotify is being annoying and wont let me get the .99c offer thing I have used a different eamil (two times was for my brother and once for me) And now it wont let me get it again which will have been my 4th time can someone help???


I have the same situation, i just close the other account but I have purchased it before for maybe 6 months plus a month for free. I wandered if Spotify couldn't let me use the same card for the other account for a 30-day trial?

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