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Can NOT login on Android mobile App

Can NOT login on Android mobile App

So I loved my spotify, listen to it all the time. Then a few days ago, that songs start to stop playing in the middle. Also, when I tried to move to another song, it wouldn't play. So I closed the app, hoping that it'll be ok the next day. Well I go to open the app and I'm logged out. I try to log in and it keeps saying "Unable to Login. Either username or password incorrect." I've changed my password 4 times, reinstalled the app 3 times and restarted my phone 3 times. Still not working. I can log in on the internet web page but not through the app. Please help!!

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Hello @Sdbanks30,


Sorry to hear this. This is an ongoing issue at the moment. To see more about this problem check out this post:


Hope this helps.

Likes are appreciated.

I am having the same issue, tried the solutions the other thread have suggested to no avail.


My windows pc with spotify works with the same credentials just not on my phone where i use most.


please help

Well the other thread is the people who work at Spotify trying to fix the issue. I am a volunteer trying to help. If you put your info on the other post the people who work at Spotify will try to fix it as they are trying now.

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