Can no longer access my account.

Can no longer access my account.

I'm having an issue with my account.  I use the spotify app on my phone, and it's logged me out a number of times ove the past few weeks and my password stops working each time so I'm locked out of my account.  Two weeks ago this happened and I was able to change my password and regain access. 


I got logged out three or four days ago again, but this time around I cant change my password to get back in.  When I click the Forgot Password link - my email address (which I use to login) is aparently "not linked to a spotify account".  This is BS because I've used it to login to my spotify account for as long as I've had my account.  


Further to that, I can request a reset with my username instead, but the email to change the password does not show up in my email.  Its as if someone has now changed my email within my account.  


So now I'm locked out of my spotify premium account, with no way to regain access, no way to reset my password, and no way to use my account.  How do I get this fixed?


And just as an FYI - I've needed to create a NEW acount to post this message.

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Hi @user-removed! That seems odd. Have you made sure that nobody else is using your account? Someone may have gained access to it. After that, I'd recommend talking to Support about your problem. I hope that you can get back into your account soon!

No one else has access to my account (as in I havent shared the login details with anyone).  My password is strong - numbers and letters that make no sense and over 8 digits in length.  


I'm beginning to think the account has been compromised though as it seems the default email address for the acount has been changed.  Hopefully someone from Spotify can get back to me soon.  This is really annoying.

I am having the EXACT SAME problem. I am submitting this under my son's account.


When I log in with username and password (that I WROTE DOWN last time this happened.) Says wrong password.


When prompted to reset, it says it sends an email, but no email comes.


THEN, I try to sign in with my email address and says I am not a user.  

All of this is SO stinking frustrating!! 


The worst of all is not being able to call anyone, talk to anyone...just paying for something and randomly get locked out!! This just isn't right! Very bad business practices.

Just an FYI - I've confirmed my acount was compromised.  This probably ocured before I was no longer able to change my password.  The acount logged me out a couple of times but I was always able to gain access again and log into my account by changing my password.  Now I cant change my password.  


I've searched through my email and found one sent from Spotify saying the email address on my account has been changed to one I dont own.  whoever compromise the acount probably changed the emaila address to lock me out and prevent me from changing the password.  Working with Spotify Support to get this rectified right now.  

How can we "work" with Spotify on this as there is no way to contact them??

Go here and submit a support ticket. 

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