Can't Connect to Facebook


Can't Connect to Facebook



Premium (cancelling because of this issue)




All (Nexus 5, Galaxy S7 Edge, PC)

Operating System

All Android versions from Lollipop to current, and Windows 7, 8, and 10


My Question or Issue

I created an account with Spotify through Facebook a long time ago, and stopped using it. I then created a new account separate from Facebook as I've moved from Canada to Ireland. I used an email address.


I then wanted to connect my Spotify account (email address) to Facebook. I kept getting an error and the "Connect to Facebook" option never worked when I clicked on it (nothing happened). I figured it must be my old account, so I deleted the old account that I had through Facebook.


However, I still can't connect to Facebook. I liked the idea of Spotify having a social aspect and being able to share and see what I'm listening to and what my friends are listening to. 


Since this doesn't work (and it's one of the main reasons why I signed up for Premium), I'm cancelling my subscription.


Can anyone help me remedy this? Ilove Spotify and want to continue to use it provided the features actually work!


Thanks in advance all, I appreciate your help!

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Re: Can't Connect to Facebook

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Sorry about your problem. This must sound frustrating getting rid of your Premium. From your backstory, I'm assuming that your Facebook account could possibly still be linked to another account. An idea I have is to log in using Facebook. Log out of your current account and log in using the Facebook button. If it redirects you to another account, unlink it. If it gives you an error, email Spotify.


Hope this helps,