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Can't Connect with Facebook


Can't Connect with Facebook

When I try to attach my Facebook account to my Spotify account, I get the following message:


"Connect to Facebook


Sorry there has been a temporary error, please try again later."


On Facebook, when I go to App Settings -> Spotify -> Edit, I get this error:


"Invalid permission specified

The app requested an invalid permission: whitelisted_offline_access"
I believe I can't use the web client like I would like to until this is resolved, and that would be my preffered option for my desktop (Linux-based).
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AnthonyB schrieb:

@flash_radwar wrote:

RickoMeyers schrieb:

Did you try my solution? 

"Tinkering" sucks. They should simply fix this issue. That's not nuclear physics. 🙂



As Peter has stated, he escalated this as an issue to the Spotify team. They should be working on it now, just give it a little time and it should all be sorted for you 🙂



Of course. I didn't want to rush it. Take your time. I just wanted to state, that I'm not interested in "wait for full moon, cross your fingers and say 3x abracadabra"-solutions. 🙂

flash_radwar has posted the screen caps of the problem I am experiencing




- The Spotify account was set-up without using FB Connect initially


- One playlist was created, named, saved and accessed multiple times


- Attempted to link FB page to account, which appeared to work


- FB avatar showed up on Spotify acct profile, but user name defaulted to a series of numbers instead of the username


- Also the one saved playlist disappeared after linking the accounts


- When looking for FB friends, suggestted people to follow, etc it shows all empty fields





Hi everyone - Just wanted to post a note here saying we're looking into this.


We'll let you know if have an update and/or need info from you guys. Thanks for posting!

Not sure  what the  techs did but I am good now.  I had the same  problem and am working.

me too with invalid permission  has this been addressed? help!

Thanks Devs, everything looks fine now. 

nothing here



Sounds like this is working again for most users. Anyone else having any trouble? 


If so please give me a shout. 

tfpvzt - Could you try disconnecting, then reconnecting your Facebook to your Spotify? You'll have the option inside your 'Preferences' menu.

Check out how we're doing over @SpotifyStatus

Question answered? Just click 'Accept as solution' to help other users out. Easy.

Who's your Spotify Star?

I tried this but still does not work.

I am just about to leave a reply on your other topic 😉 



Spotify Community Mentor and Troubleshooter

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I also have this issue, not thru an app, but in a computer. Latest version of Firefox, spotify seems to open a window with proper things in the URL. THen nothing more happens.

Have you tried linking via your online account instead?

It is also worth double checking your Facebook security settings, Spotify doesn't seem to play nicely with login approvals.

Spotify Community Mentor and Troubleshooter

Spotify Last.FM Twitter LinkedIn Meet Peter Rock Star Jam 2014

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i have the same issue cant login with facebook...


i can not even disable and enable it because on my client settings it doesnt look like that i connect a facebook account. so the tech team needs to disable manual my fb account.

@RickoMeyers wrote:

I had the same problem.


Delete spotify from FB Apps, go to this link:


On the spotify page it says:

Connect to Facebook

If you are having problems connecting to Facebook through Spotify, you can manually enable Facebook right here from the website.


You can then select your sharing settings. This worked for me

Thanks Ricko, works fine for me! 😉


Didn't work for me.  Gives me this response:  "You’ve already imported your Facebook friends into Spotify. Have fun."


Hello everyone,

I see I have the same problem someone already had a few months ago. I tried with your suggestions and I tried contacting assistance, but nothing worked.

I have a Facebook account and I recently moved abroad and then back home. I can access to the spotify website but not to Spotify web layer or to the App neither on my Pc nor my smartphone. It keeps on saying there's a problem with Facebook / I tried to access from another Country.

How can I do? Help!

Thank you and happy holidays!


I am trying to connect to facebook through my spotify account. I select "connect to facebook" and brings me to facebook sign in page. I enter in my accurate credentials and it starts to load. Then it just stops and bounces me back to my account page as if it failed, providing me no error message or anything. it does this through my iPhone and computer, not allowing me successfully connect. Any help that could be provided would be greatly appreciated.




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