Can't Disconnect from FaceBook

Can't Disconnect from FaceBook


Hello, I am wanting to disconnect my Spotify account from Facebook instead of creating a new one. The help docs say to reset password if the option under Settings > Social is not available. So I reset my password, logged out of account and closed the destktop app. I re-opened the desktop app and went Back to Settings > Social and the option is still not there. It just shows the sub-catagory of FaceBook but no option to do anything with it. Using Win 8.1


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Hi @12167205953,


Indeed you need to use the desktop app. But there are two desktop apps. There's the windows store app which you access via the windows store and there's a version  which is just a tegular windows download. The last one is the one you need.

Some tablets only support the store app. If your tablet only supports that one, you need to get access to a windows 10 PC. Maybe you have one or maybe you know someone who has. Use this device to disconnect from facebook.




Hi Rene. Thanks for trying to help.

Just to be sure, I uninstalled my current Spotify and went to the Spotify
website and used the download link which lets you download SpotifySetup.exe

It also gives links for the AppStore/GooglePlay/Microsoft - which I didn't
go to and just continued with SpotifySetup.exe (as I now remember was the
same one as before)

So after the new install it still leaves no option to disconnect from

Perhaps there's some part of the Spotify that has the desktop app your
referring too that I can't see/find ?

There, for downloads




This is how it should look like:Screenshot_20190910-065830_Photos.jpg


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