Can't Login to My Account or Reset Password


Can't Login to My Account or Reset Password

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I re-registered for Premium on January 29, 2019. On one day this past week, I noticed I was logged out from Spotify on all my devices and couldn't log back in. I know my username (by referring to the email I received for signing up for Premium), but for whatever reason when I provide the username using the password reset option, I don't receive the email with the "Forgotten Password" link. All spam, promotion, and junk emails have been checked on my Gmail account. I could certainly use some help in getting access to my account.


Pouring salt into the wound is having to create a whole new account just to get someone on these forums to help, because evidently Spotify doesn't have an online chat or phone number available on this website that I can find. This is inexplicable, poor customer service that does not put the customer first in place of the convenience of your organization - a very misguided way to do business, in my opinion. There is nothing better than losing days of subscription that I paid for, simply because on a normal day I don't have the time to go through the steps of creating a new account, going through several layers of Captcha screens and coming to this forum to explain my problem to you.


Edit: Do you really have to ask for ANOTHER reCAPTCHA after deciding a word I used in the labels is not one that you like??


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Re: Can't Login to My Account or Reset Password

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Perfect example of poor customer service, right here. Nearly 24 hours with no response. No emails, private messages, nothing. Pathetic, and what a shocker.


Going to take my woes to Facebook and Instagram next.

Re: Can't Login to My Account or Reset Password


I'm in the same exact boat as you are. Plese post an update if you somehow manage to fix it.


I'm about to contact my credit card company on Monday in order to refuse any Spotify bills if I don't get an answer by then.

Re: Can't Login to My Account or Reset Password

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Rock Star 11

Hi there,


Were you able to resolve your issue?


I highly recommend you to do the following if you haven't already:


  • check your Spam folder for any Spotify emails
  • check your Spam filters and make sure Spotify emails are excluded

Let me know how it goes! :)

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