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Can't Login

Hey guys,


Yesterday I bought a 12 month subscription code on ebay and redeemed it and then got a mail from spotify congratulating me...then my account was closed without any prior communication.. 


I'm trying to get spotifycares on twitter to help me but they are ignoring me...


I get that maybe that code has a problem or something else I am not aware of but I would really like to resolve that issue since I enjoy Spotify..


Any of you familiar with that issue? Why would they ignore me on twitter when they answer peeps every minute or so is beyond comprehension...


Anyways thanks



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Hello @patrickenfedaqu, Welcome to the community! 🙂


Lets troubleshoot this issue with you 🙂


Ok first, could you give me the error message that you are receiving when you try and log in?


And also please explain what is going wrong when you try and log in 🙂


I Hope To Hear From You Soon! 🙂

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