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Can't access email connected to account

Can't access email connected to account

tried sending a ticket which just sends information to email i don't have access too anymore, tweeting, and emailing spotify help and no reponse within average wait time. just want to get my email changed to be able to change my pw and log in on my phone.

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Hey there @troyehh

Can you get back in touch with Support and let them know that you no longer have access to your old email and to send a reply to your active email? 

unfortunetly trying to get in contact with support is quite tasking considering i've been trying all day on top of contact us provides no support in dealing with this specific issue. whatever information that is sent, is sent to the email no longer with access. 

Hi troyehh! Go ahead and use this link to contact support. At the end you'll be prompted to enter an email, so make sure you enter an email you have access to. Note that if you receive an automated email directing you to the community and/or help boards, make sure you reply directly to that email (even if it is from a no reply address) and support will get back to you as soon as possible.


Hope this helps!

maybe im missing something because in my previous post i linked the same link and any route i take no where it prompts me with an option to enter an email i currently have access too

You'll want to ensure that you've logged out of Spotify in your web browser, and that includes this account you're using here in the community. If you don't it witll auto-populate the fields with the email and details tied to your account, which turns it into the "not-anonymous" version of the form. Just go to the top of this page, click the "Log Out" button, and then click on the link to the support form and fill it out. 

Hi @troyehh

Yes, @LordRollin is right. Can you please open an incognito window and use the following link: Just fill out the form and follow the steps. You should then be able to enter your active email address. You can also request Spotify to reply to your active email in your message.

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