Can't access music but billed first month, confused.

Can't access music but billed first month, confused.

Hi, I joined spotify free trial on 28th September, when I got to about 3rd week of subscription my playlists went missing and i could no longer select songs to play on my mobile(greyed out) as it says join for free trial which i was already in 3rd week. I thought maybe the free trial cancelled somehow but i was charged a month subscription on 29th october but when i go into my account it says i'm on free spotify. I emailed spotify but no response.

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Definitely sounds like you might have more than one Spotify account in the system and you are signing into the free one. 


When you got in touch before, did you get an automated email reply with a case number in it? 

If so, can you reply directly to that email (even if its from no-reply) and it will bump your case over to an advisor. 



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Yes i got an automated email response with case number, I will reply to that just now see what happens. 


I have 2 spotify accounts and have tried to delete old free subscription but it semms impossible, Both say free but i was billed last week for my newer one.

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