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Can't access my account whatsoever!

Can't access my account whatsoever!

I had created the account through Facebook years ago and have used it on a daily basis ever since and yesterday I opened the app on my Iphone and I was logged out. I went to log in with Facebook as I have done many times before and it says my username or password is incorrect. So I grabbed my laptop to use it, I was logged out on it also, tried to log in with facebook again and it said the samething, my username or password is incorrect. When I went to the support page to see if there was any solutions, it had me logged in but I couldn't access anything else on my account except the support page. And none of the solutions on the support page matched to what was happening. So I filled out the form where you explain whats happening and Spotify will contact me through my email. I run into another problem, I had changed my email on my Facebook account because i didn't use te old one anymore and I guess my Spotify account is linked to the old email that I no longer use and do not have because its deactivated, it sent the form through the old email twice and said I will be contacted through that email after I had made sure my new email was up to date on my Facebook. 

Now I.m to the point where I just want to delete and create a whole new account thats not through my Facebook but I can't even do that because the only thing I can access is the support pages and thats it.

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I’m having the same exact problem except I didn’t use Facebook to create an account. Like you said it logged me out of all devices and wouldn’t accept my username or password which I have written down. I contacted Spotify and they didn’t understand how to help. I was subscribed to premium and I can’t get into my account. I’ve made a few new accounts since this happened and the same exact thing happened to the accounts I made. I’ve tried to change my password but it never works. I’m very frustrated at this and I want to know how to get my account back.

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