Can’t access my account


Country- USA

Device- iPhone 11 

My Question or Issue- 

I’m a Spotify premium member and I’ve been dealing with this problem for months now. I cannot log into my Spotify with my login information on my phone or online I am still logged into my original account on Xbox and Roku TV I still listen to music on these devices often but it is a huge inconvenience that I cannot listen to music on my phone I am continuing to pay for premium every single month and not able to listen to my music or log into my account. it was telling me my account didn’t even exist with my email but that is impossible because I’m still continuing to listen to my Spotify on my TV and all my playlists are still there. Just for the purpose of posting this I created a new account with the same email so now there’s two accounts with my email and I use the 2nd account to look up my other account and still listen to my playlist because they are public but I’m not premium on this new account and can’t edit my playlists (obviously). I enjoy using Spotify and would prefer not to switch to another music app but if I can’t get into my account I would like to get rid of my premium and stop using Spotify but even if I wanted to no longer be a premium member I can’t because I can’t even get into my account to cancel my subscription this is been a huge inconvenience and I’d appreciate it a lot if this gets figured out, the problem started the day Spotify went down and I’ve seen others with this issue. Id really like to get into my original account but if I can’t I at least want to cancel my premium because I’ve been paying for premium for multiple months without being able to use the account at all.


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