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Can't cancel my spotify subscription

Can't cancel my spotify subscription

i try to cancel my subscription. I go to account, then to subscription, and it does not say anywhere to cancel my subscription. There is no "cancel my subscription" for me to click on.

2 Replies

Hey there georgeall62 and very warm welcome to the Spotify Community 🙂

Thanks for your question.


If you have some problems canceling your subscription, Spotify can help you in no time. Contact them via Contact form here.


If you get an automared reply pointing you to this community or help pages, just reply to that email, even if this is from  no-repy adress - Spotify will then answer toyour query in 24 hours.


Spotify will miss you if you go. You can subscribe back for Spotify at any time!

If any problems with Spotify in future, just come back and let me know. I will help you.


Hi georgeall62 - I'm going to jump into this thread too. 


Your account is a free one--you're just on the 48 hour Premium trial. 


You won't be charged once that ends. Of course, if you're being charged then you've got an account somewhere else. In that case, head over to the contact form

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