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Can’t connect Facebook Account to Spotify

Can’t connect Facebook Account to Spotify

Hi for the past month I have been trying to connect my Facebook account to Spotify I have tried to do this in various different ways be it using my iPad,iPhone,laptop or desktop app. Each time I get an error saying it couldn’t connect. Any help would be appreciated as it is driving me up the wall. Thanks Stephen

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Hey @user-removed, welcome to the Community!


Have you made an account through Facebook in the past? If so, you'll need to close it before you can link it to your current account.


If that's not the case, does the issue persist if you try connecting your account to Facebook while on a different network?


Let us know how it goes.

If I have I can’t remember the account is there any way to find out?

Hey, @user-removed


Thanks for letting us know this.


If you can't locate your Spotify account, we have some steps here which might help:

We also have more info on linking to Facebook here.

If you still need a hand, don't hesitate to get back to us.




Hello, i just got a new phone. I cant connect with my faebook account i delet my old spotify app on my facebook amd it still not work. The erreur is 404.. 

Can you guy’s please help?

Hey, @Cassia-Rose


Thanks for letting us know!


Just to check, are you following the steps here?

If so and they're not doing the trick, do these tips help:

- Restart device
- Restart router
- Try things in a different browser/incognito window
- Try things from a different device.

Keep us posted, we're here if you need us!

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