Can't connect to Facebook

Can't connect to Facebook


Hi! Hope this is the correct section.

My issue is very easy to explain: when I click "Connect to Facebook" in the desktop app, nothing happens. That's it. No matter which Spotify account I am using.

If I do the same in the Android app, a window opens asking for my FB access data; after entering them, though, nothing happens again.


Hope someone can help. Thanks!

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Hey @forgettingcloud, welcome to the Community!


Have you ever had an account linked to your Facebook account? If so, you'll need to close it before you can link it to your main account.


To find out if you already have an account open, just sign out and log back in using the Log in with Facebook button.


If you're able to access an account that's Free, follow the steps listed here to close the account.


After that, try linking your main account to Facebook to see if it works.


Be sure to keep us posted on the results.


Hi, I had a Spotify account which was created through a Facebook account which doesn't exist anymore. I have now closed that Spotify account as well. However, I still can't connect my current Spotify Premium account to my current Facebook account.

Have a nice day.

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