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Can't connect to Facebook

Can't connect to Facebook

Hi Guys 

I can't connect my Spotify to my Facebook account. 

I read a few different threats here and then tried manual connection, or the buttons in the apps, tried on my cell, in the dektop app or via browser but somehow every time I log in to Facebook the opened Log-In Window closes as if it worked after I put my informations in, but it didn't connect. 

Can anybody help? 

Thanks 🙂

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Hey @gmietligg, welcome to the Community!


It sounds like you might already have an account connected to your Facebook. Try following the steps listed here to see if you have an extra account.


If you do, you'll need to close it before you can link your main account to Facebook.


Let us know how it goes.

Hi I tried the steps and found that there was a Spotify connection to my Facebook, I then deleted the connection and tried to connect my account to Facebook again and after I logged in with my Details and pressed Enter the connection to Spotify didn't work although the App sign of Spotify appeared again on Facebook and said that I am connected. 

Hey @gmietligg!


Let's make sure you don't have an account already set up via Facebook by using the blue "Log in with Facebook" button on Spotify.


If you do have an account, you can follow these steps to close it. As soon as the account is close, you should be able to link your Facebook profile to your current Spotify account.


Let me know how it goes.

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