Can't create account, log in OR reset password


Can't create account, log in OR reset password


Hi. I'm having a hard time helping my mother logging into her account/creating a new account. I really need help with this as I recently upgraded to Spotify Family and I'd like my mother to be able to use it.


The problem is: I can't create a new account using my mom's email address because the website tells me an account is already associated with this email. Knowing this, my mom tried logging in using a variety of passwords but none of them worked. Logically, the next step was to ask for a password reset, which is what we did. Result: the website says that the email is "not associated with an active Spotify account". We also tried logging in with Facebook & that brings up an error message ("An error occured, try later"... something along those lines). What does this mean ??? Does the account exist or does it not? Most importantly, if it does, how do I log in knowing I don't have the password and apparently can't ask for a password reset??????


Any help would be very appreciated. 


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Re: Can't create account, log in OR reset password

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First of all I propose the web site to get to your mams account instead of the app.


So go to this page:

It should ask you to logon if you are not already. If you are logged on already with your mams account, then check the account details. If you are logged on with another account, log out. Next try to logon with the password you used to reset your account. Note, it could also be that your mams username is not an email address, like mine is firstname.lastname. if you can't logon, try the facebook logon but before you do this, log out to facebook. If you choose logon to facebook, it will you show the facebook accounts on your system probably, choose the correct one or just type in the facebook username and password.


If this doesn't help try this post: