Can’t download any playlists or songs

Can’t download any playlists or songs

I’ve just gotten premium but I can’t download anything to listen to offline (which is literally the purpose of having premium).

I can’t download my playlist or songs to offline. I’ve tried everything. I’ve looked at different community posts and all, but it just won’t download songs/playlists.

I go into my playlist and click download, and it won’t download anything. Last night I left it downloading over night and when I woke up I still couldn’t listen to my playlist offline.

These community posts seem to be helping the people who post them, but I haven’t had any luck with their solutions.

I’m a big fan of music and this is really boiling my blood.

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Hey @adamrocker,


Thanks for coming to the Community. We understand that's a bit frustrating, we're happy to help!


Can you check on this page what it says? Does it say your account is on Premium or Free? 


Also, does it start downloading and just doesn't work or does nothing happen at all when you click 'Download'?

Lastly, we recommend you reinstall the app and see if that works. You can also read more on Downloads here 🙂 


Let us know how this goes! Have a nice day.

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