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Can’t download for offline play & status is wrong

Can’t download for offline play & status is wrong

  • Hi I have just subscribed to the Premium Family Spotify and have the first month free.


I have a couple of problems. I am

unable to download an album to play off line. There is no option to download or download as playlist etc?


Because of this I checked in my settings and it shows my status (account) as Free?? Yet I have signed up, received the bill and been alllowed to register my sons as family??


Is it because I am showing as free that I can’t download? And if that’s the case, how can I get my status changed to Family?


thank you 


Family but status shows as Free

Country UK



(iPhone 11promax)

Operating System



My Question or Issue


as above thank you


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Guys, cracked it. I needed to log out and log back in, thanks.

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